Shire’s Commitment

Shire has demonstrated commitment to providing CEPROTIN [Protein C Concentrate (Human)] to patients with severe Protein C deficiency in the U.S. We consider our work with CEPROTIN therapy to be part of the Shire Commitment to make a meaningful difference in patients’ lives.

As the only company in the U.S. currently offering this important therapy, Shire remains dedicated to patients suffering from life-threatening blood clotting complications related to severe congenital Protein C deficiency. FDA approval supports Shire’s efforts to continue to make CEPROTIN therapy available to manage this rare disorder.

Currently, there are fewer than 20 known cases of severe congenital Protein C deficiency in the United States. FDA has granted CEPROTIN therapy orphan drug status.

Shire is committed to meeting the needs of patients. With CEPROTIN therapy, we will work closely with all patients with the goal of helping to insure that they have continued access to this therapy.

For over 40 years, Shire plc. has been a leader of human plasma-derived therapies for rare coagulation disorders. Our products and services in Bioscience (Biopharmaceuticals, Vaccines, and Biosurgery), Medication Delivery, and Renal Therapy are used by healthcare providers to assist people with some of the most complex medical conditions in more than 100 countries.

Please see Important Risk Information and Full Prescribing Information for CEPROTIN.

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